As a finish and condiment, high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oils are poured over everything from rice, potatoes, vegetables and beans to meats, poultry and fish or even ice-cream.

Olive oil is a versatile ingredient that has been used in cooking for thousands of years. It has broken down a lot of boundaries in recent times, becoming a staple in kitchens well beyond the area of its Mediterranean roots. Not only can you cook just about anything with olive oil.

For the most health benefit and taste quality, you should add the oil after cooking.

You marinate fish, meat , chicken or vegetables in extra virgin olive oil and your desired spices, cover with a lid or plastic, put it in the fridge for a 1/2 to 1 hour. The oil and spices had the time to enter the flesh and is now ready to use for frying stirring or cooking. Do not add more oil to your pan or pot, there is oil enough to roast. This is the best and most healthy way of cooking with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It will not burn because the oil has already entered in the meat, fish or vegetables.

Extra virgin olive oil does lose its great taste and healthy benefits when it’s heated to a point, so you might want to choose a more economical grade when you cook above a low/medium heat. Use blended extra virgin olive oil combined with sunflower oil for all of your cooking 30/70. See the recipes section for more ideas for cooking with olive oil.

Robust extra virgin oils are perfect for cooking seafood, to make marinades, or on strongly flavored ingredients such as peppers or garlic. A medium intensity oil is delicious with mozzarella and for dipping bread, for frying and sautéing. More mild olive oils work well when used in baking. Whatever the use, the most important thing is to find an oil that tastes great to you. Have several different kinds on hand and experiment pairing oils with your dishes. When it works, you’ll know it. The flavor of fresh olive fruit will shine through adding a new sublime dimension to your creation.

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