TERRAOLIVAIGADI® YE OLIVA, a growing biodynamic boutique producer in South Africa who has quickly become a celebrated award-winning company and continues to walk away with gold medals such as the Gran Prestigio Gold and the title of Champion in international competitions.

Held in the ancient City of Jerusalem, near the Mount of Olives, the TerraOlivo 2013 Mediterranean International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition, which took place in June this year, is judged by renowned Israeli and international judges and is considered one of the most prestigious of all olive oil competitions.
IGADI® YE OLIVA won the Grand Prestige Gold at the TerraOlivo 2013 for its Premium blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Olivinus 2013 is the most important extra virgin olive oil contest in the world and held in Argentina. Now in its 8th edition and with international media coverage, OLIVINUS’ reputation speaks for itself. The competition’s unique judging process and the quality and experience of its judges undoubtedly make the OLIVINUS the most credible competition of its kind.

IGADI® received awards at OLIVINUS for the second year, but this year excelled by winning the most prized awards:  The Gran Prestigio Gold and a special award as South African Champion.

“IGADI ® is leaving its mark in the international olive oil industry" said Gina & Ferdinand, owners as well as master taster and olive oil sommelier. "Winning the TerraOlivo 2013 and Olivinus 2013 awards is an incredible accomplishment and validates our commitment to excellence."

We are proud to be South African and to achieve awards worldwide.

Gina &Ferdinand