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Olive leaf tea

Olive leaf tea has been enjoyed by ancient civilisations in Greece for as long as olives have been cultivated. We are proud to be able to share this health giving drink.

Not only has olive leaf tea a great flavour, but also detoxifying and healing properties. Olive leaves are exceptionally rich in vitamins A, B, C and E, and will give your body an anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal boost. Great to fight off colds, flu and infections.

These leaves are grown on our Bio-dynamic farm in South-Africa, picked by hand and dried naturally to preserve their nutritional value. We only use tender young leaves and delicate spring buds.

Finest bio-dynamic farmed Olive Leaf

Olive leaf has been shown to assist or boost the immune system's ability to fight off illness, improve the cardio system, and increase energy. Olives and olive oil are a staple in the healthy Mediterranean diet. Olive Leaf has all the same healthful qualities without the fat, and in higher concentrations. IGADI™ is your best source for biodynamic olive leaf products.

Olive leaf acts beneficially in 4 major areas:

  • Immune System Support (For optimal health and protection) 
  • Antioxidant Protection (Highly Antioxidant for free radical scavenging)
  • Energy Booster (Build lasting energy reserves without caffeine)
  • Cardiovascular Health (Hypotensive benefits)
  • Harvest: 2012
  • Estate: IGADI
  • variety: Mision,Manzanila,frantoio
  • Loose, ground dried olive leaves infused with blueberry, or ginger, or rooibos, or apricot
  • Harvest: Hand picked
  • High in antioxidants, oleuropein and vitamins A, B, C and E
  • The leaves are also delicious sprinkled over savoury dishes and salads
  • Half a teaspoon (1g) of dried olive leaves makes 2-3 cups of olive leaf tea


Olive Leaf Tea


Dried olive leaf tea in box. No additives or colorants added.

50 g


Olive Leaf Tea

with Lemongrass

Dried olive leaf tea with lemongrass in box. No additives or colorants added.

50 g


Olive Leaf Tea

with Rooibos

Dried olive leaf tea with Rooibos in box. No additives or colorants added.

50 g


Olive Leaf Tea

with Blueberry

Dried olive leaf tea with blueberry in box. No additives or colorants added.

50 g


Olive Leaf Tea

with Apricot

/Out Of Stock

Dried olive leaf tea with dried apricots in box. No additives or colorants added.

50 g

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