- More oil extracted from the crushed olives,

- Extended shelflife, as oxidation is retarded (wine 5 times),

- More, better and cleaner flavours due to alignment of molecules.
The olive oil does not change in its chemical-analytical form as BIO-ENERGY works only on the physical side, which means the material contents is being aligned according to the electrochemical tensions and therefore forms a unit of similar tensions, which guarantees a clean chemical development of the oil. Therefore it is not necessary to use chemical fining agents or stabilizers. The PH-value is being stabilized, oxidation during the processing (crushing and kneading) is being prevented. The sedimentation of the cloudy material in the oil happens rather quickly. The filterability of the oil improves considerably, as the colloides arrive at the filter in an aligned form and an early clogging up of the filter is being avoided. (same as in wine).  After filtration, before filling the oil should pass again through BIO-ENERGY  to stabilize the PH-value again, to improve the shelflife, hide the unpleasant acids and tannins, so they cannot be detected any more. According to experience the oil remains stable for at least 3 years. Even opened bottles hold their quality for up to 6 months.