Food - Water - Love

thepplThe family Van Wassenhove with three teenage boys immigrated to South Africa in 2005 from Belgium.

Fernand, a chef and certified sommelier with green fingers. It was his dream to, one day, make his own wine. But as with most things in life, dreams don’t always come true in the set order... and things happen for a reason.

Today, Fernand make his own unique bio-dynamic olive oil from different varieties of olives.

Fernand’s arty green fingers contribute in a pioneering way to the South African Olive Oil Industry and abroad. Lively soil , “Food - Water – Love - only these 3 components in life can create a truly unique live oil.

The first oil produced in 2007 was one of a kind, IGADI™ Extra Virgin Olive Oil is inspired by traditional style with  innovative touches. The ripened olives produce a pale gold olive oil with a sweetness of ripe bananas and a little touch of walnuts and almonds without any bitterness or being peppery.

This oil is like a good marriage: it strolls smoothly over the palette and blends beautifully with the food.